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NASCAR drivers typically make anywhere from $1 million to more than $20 million a year. It really depends on if they are a full time driver, who they drive for, and their winnings.

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Q: How much do NASCAR drivers make per year?
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How much money do Nascar drivers get a year?

This depends on where they place in races. The more they win, the more they get.

How much do Nascar race car drivers make for winning a race?

Depending on the track a NASCAR driver can win up to $350,000 per race if he wins the race. Jeff Gordon placed 32nd this year and still received $10000,

How much money do Nascar drivers make per year?

Well it depends on your skills, position you finish, and your sponsor. If your sponsor is very popular then it kind of means you get payed a little more.

How much does a NASCAR jack man make a year?

about 90,000 a year. my uncle is one

How much does a Nascar gas man make per year?


How many drivers die in NASCAR each year?

There have been Nascar drivers that have died over the years. It is not on a yearly basis. The last Nascar Cup driver that died in an accident was Dale Earnhardt Sr. on February 18, 2001.

How much does bus drivers make a year?

15,000 a year!

How much do formula 1 drivers make a year?

pro drivers can make 10 million while regular drivers make 1 million

Why do Nascar drivers drive around the track counter clockwise?

it just has been a tradition. NASCAR just ended it 60th year

Has NASCAR had an increase in drivers?

well... NASCAR had about 6 new drivers but two went back to formula 1. so yes but barely. next year one new racer is expected

How much do bus drivers make?

bus drivers make between 14000 and 20000 per year.

How much does an nascar television announcer make in a year?

It ranges from 20,000 to 77,000 :) i was looking for it too and found it

How much do greyhound drivers make a year?

they can make any where from 35k to 45k

How much do truck drivers get paid?

How much truck drivers get paid varies. Some truck drivers can make upwards of 50,000 per year depending on the company.

How much money does a NASCAR official make?

A NASCAR official makes around 53,000 dollars a year for this job. This job is demanding and requires lots of nights and weekends plus overtime. If you would like to be a NASCAR official, you can apply on the NASCAR job board.

How much do garbge truck drivers make there first year?

they would probily get a million a year

How much do stunt drivers make?

From what I've noticed with training stunt drivers can make in the upwards of $300,000 a year. Of course this depends on what jobs you are able to get and how much those jobs pay.

How much do tractor trailer drivers make?

Entry level over the road drivers start around 35k a year. Experienced company drivers around 60k a year. Owner operators around 200k a year.

How much do NASCAR officials make?

They make an average of 53,000 dollars a year. Their job is a lot more glamorous than it is highly paid.

How much do truck drivers make annually?

40;ooo per year

How much money do truck drivers make per year?

It depends on what they deliver

How much money does Publix truck drivers make in a year?

about 15-25k

How much gas does NASCAR use in a year?

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How many Nascar drivers have won the Budweiser Shootout the Gatorade Duel and the Daytona 500 in one year?

No driver has won all three in the same year, though many drivers have won two of the three.

How much do Las Vegas cab drivers make a year?

They may make up to $100 an hour.