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They make around 6,000 dollars a year. They get paid for every appearance after 20 and 5 dollars for every calendar they sell after 100.

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Q: How much do Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders get paid?
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How much do dolphin cheerleaders get paid?

Cheerleaders do not get paid much. Most cheerleaders earn about 500 dollars to 750 dollars per season though this does not include extras like calendars and appearances they get paid for.

Do arena football cheerleaders get paid?

Yes, arena football cheerleaders do in fact get paid. However, they do not get paid much. They average about $50.00 per game.

Which team in the NFL has the lowest paid salary in 2010?

Carolina panthers, just under 77mil

Do the New York Knicks cheerleaders get paid If so how much?

365.60 per night

How much did it cost jerry richardson to buy the Carolina Panthers?

Richardson is the founder and majority owner of the team. According to, he and his partners paid a franchise fee of $206 million to the NFL to win the rights to the team in 1993.

Do the Chicago Bulls cheerleaders get paid?

yes; 50$ per games, & much more for appearances & away games

How much do colleges get paid for cheerleading competitions?

Thats a good ? but they dont get paid much and im 12 I had to do an research paper on it 4 class and the pro. CHEERLEADERS get paid about $50.00 $ a few games and im a cheerleader my self

What is the salary for kc chief cheerleaders?

salary of a kansas city chiefs cheerleader

Who are the second highest paid cheerleaders in the NFL?

san Diego

Do Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders get paid?

Yes, Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders get payed 150 $ per game if they show up.

How much does a physician assistant get paid in South Carolina?

70 million $

How much do you get paid at the honey bake ham company?

7.25 in North Carolina