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Dance lessons and Ballet lessons cost about thirty to fifty dollars a lesson. They cost a little more than most people would like but they are well worth the money.

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Q: How much do Ballet & Dance lessons cost?
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How much does it cost for lessons at Abby lee dance company?

I think

How much money does it cost for dance training?

How much it will cost for dance training varies depending on where the training is taken and the type of training. You can find simple dance lessons in most towns for about $30 per lesson. You can access entire programs for thousands of dollars.

How much do ballet classes cost?

Normal Ballet classes are about $30-45. No two places are the same It depends. If you are looking for recreational classes it is about $30 at my dance studio. If you want to be competitive you need costumes and competition fees and on top of that what it costs to take the lessons so around $150 - $200 which is what i pay. If you are like me and Dance is your life and you do every type of dancing then it is about $4000 for everything.

How much did Amelia Earhart lessons cost?

Her flying lessons cost $1,000 .

What types of dance classes are available in Chicago?

DeMaira Dance Studios, Inc. in Chicago offers classes in all styles of dance including hip hop, tap, ballet, pointe, jazz and much more. Lessons are for beginners through advanced dancers starting with ages two through teens and adults.

How much does it cost for violin lessons?

It depends on where you want lessons.

How much do fencing lessons cost?

more than golf lessons

How much do drum lessons cost a month?

45 $ a month for my lessons.

How much do alto saxophone lessons cost?

My lessons cost $30 for a 45 minute- 1 hour lesson

What is the different between modern dance and ballet?

Modern is very short looking. Almost robotic. Ballet is much more flowing and beautifull.

How much do acting lessons cost?

it cost about 250.00 dollors

How much do ballet shoes cost?

This depends on the shoe.... On discount dance a Capezio Pro Canvas Ballet Slipper costs about $14. Pointe shoes cost around $70-300. Hope i helped(: <3, Marissa

How long should you study to be a dancer and how much does it cost?

Depends on the style of dancing that you are trying to master. Some forms of of dance such as hip hop dance rely on you coming up with your own style and don't have much constraints in terms of the structure of the dance. How ever ballet for example may take many years of training to get right.

How much does it cost for ballet?

It depends on which school you go to, at my studio (City Dance Theatre) i am on the 'Unlimited Classes' plan. So it's about $500 tuition a month. Plus if you have other siblings taking lessons it could cost more... plus if you have to purchase your costume/pay costume fees, buy tickets to shows, hair/outfit/shoes supplies, it all adds up for me to well over $5,000 a year.

What is the best ballet school in Georgia?

Metropolitan Ballet Theatre in Alpharetta, GA... several former studetns now dance in the Joffrey Ballet. Atlanta Ballet is also good, but MBT seems much more serious and intense.

What way is ballet different from other dance forms?

it is much more fluid and graceful

How much do bass lessons cost?

According to "TakeLessons" bass lessons can cost anywhere from $40-$276 per hour depending on your location and teacher.

How much space does ballet dancers use?

They use a lot of space when dancing in ballet this is because ballet is not a one place dance you have to move around in ballet for you to look good in what you are doing. Space is required so that you look the best at your possible ablity.

Hohow much money do people pay for dance lessons in Puerto Rico?

There is a curriculum unit intended for lessons for young people which is not paid.

How much does it cost for teens to learn ballet?

The cost varies from place to place, but it can get quiet expensive.

Is ballet the foundation of other dance styles?

No, Grecian dance was very fluid and lyric in style, but did not have the athleticism of ballet , nor did they go en pointe .Besides music then was much simpler wind and string instruments.Not as inspirational as symphonic orchestration .

How much does it cost to go to piano lessons?

Piano lessons typically cost forty dollars a week in the U.S, or around thirty pounds in the U.K.

How much do Tae Kwon Do lessons cost?

tkd lessons vary . mine in £5 a lesson and an hour.

How much do dance lessons usually cost?

"Tuition varies, depending on a number of factors. For Example, how good you want to be, what dances you want to learn, and your dance schedule. After your introductory lesson, your instructor will recommend a program and will be able to answer any questions you may have, so you will have the knowledge to make an informed choice." - answer provided by Arthurmurrays.netAdditionally, many studios offer a free or discount introductory lesson to begin first steps with their clients. How much dance lessons cost will also be contingent upon which studios you go to and their level of expertise. Please see the link below for more details.

How much do leather ballet shoes cost?

Around twenty dollars