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it would take a lot of dirt. Probably as mush as how much water would fill it. Maybe even more than that.

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Q: How much dirt to fill in a swimming pool?
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What is the formula to figure out how much dirt it will take to fill in a swimming pool?

It depends, what shape is the pool, then i can tell you. =)

How do I remove an old swimming pool?

You don't "remove it" You fill it in with dirt and pack it firmly.

How do you get rid of your in ground swimming pool?

Fill it with cement then put dirt on top of it and plant grass :)

How much water does it take to fill up a swimming pool?

Swimming pool sizes differentiate. It all depends on the size of the pool.

How much water do you need to fill a public swimming pool?

It depends on the size of the pool.

What is fill dirt?

Fill dirt is dirt that someone has removed from one area and needs to dump somewhere else. Often this is dirt that has been removed so that a swimming pool can be installed or excess dirt from clearing land for construction. There is clean fill dirt, which does not have trash, plant material, rocks or chemical additions and this is preferred for reuse in yards for planting.

How do you Fill in a swimming pool?

Bust up all the concrete... Bust out all the PVC piping. Fill in with dirt. Check your local codes on water removal.

How much water does it take to fill an olympic swimming pool?


How do you fill a hole in your yard where an above ground swimming pool used to be?

With Dirt, Seriously, depending on what you want to do with the landscaping you will need to bring in enough fill dirt to level off the yard to ensure proper drainage. When putting in fill dirt be sure to remember that new dirt will settle so pack the dirt down in layers as you add it and overfill the hole.

How much dirt to fill in a 20 X 40 pool?

To answer this question you need to know how deep the pool is. What units are you talking about?

How much water does it take to fill a 15by 52 round pool?

To calculate the volume of a swimming pool go to the link below.

When filling the pool does the water fill through the filter?

No, to fill the pool just place the hose into the swimming pool and make sure not to over fill it. Hatawa

What to do with swimming pool not in use?

fill it with turtles

Do you need a filter for a swimming pool?

Yes. That is how the dirt is removed.

How many marbles does it take to fill an Olympic size swimming pool?

As the Olympic size swimming pool is nearly 88,00 cubic feet. It would certainly take 120 billion small marbles to fill it

What will swimming in a chemically imbalanced pool do to you?

Swimming in chemically imbalanced swimming pool can give harm into your health. You need to keep in mind that every pool must have clean water, free from algae, dirt and sediments. There are may tips that you can get online on how to properly balance your swimming pool chemicals.

How much water do you need to fill up a 12 foot swimming pool?

You need three measurements, length, width, and depth, to calculate the volume of the pool

How many bathtubs does it take to fill a swimming pool?

It depends how big the pool and/or bathtub is.

How long does it take to fill up a 15ft swimming pool?

I had a 15' pool and it took 3 1/2 hours to fill it

My swimming pool DE filter rarely gets above 10psi or lower now What is the problem?

If your water is staying clean it just indicate that there is not much dirt getting into your pool.

Is 2 000 000 ml of water enough to fill a swimming pool?

Two million milliliters of water is enough to fill a swimming pool, depending on its size.

How many liters of oil would fill a swimming pool?

That depends on the size of the pool is it a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke pool

How much time does it take to fill an average size swimming pool?

It depends on the water pressure and how average the average size is.

Why is swimming in a natural water different from swimming in a pool?

Swimming pools are chlorinated (have Cl2 added to it) and filtered to decrease bacteria and dirt content.

What is the average amount of water used in a swimming pool?

The average swimming pool takes 18000-20000 gallons of water to fill