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alot all i know is that victor ortiz got to million and i think mayweather got 60

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3 million

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Q: How much did victor ortiz make in his last fight against floyd mayweather?
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How much does Floyd Mayweather get paid for the fight with victor ortis?

mayweather get 40 million for this fight

Who will Floyd Mayweather fight next?

Floyd Mayweather will probably fight Manny Pacquiao. If Mayweather does not fight a top ranked opponent, he will lose credibility as a top contender.

Winner of the sept 19th fight with mayweather?

floyd mayweather

Where can you watch Floyd mayweather vs victor ortiz?


Who won the Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley fight?

Floyd Mayweather won..... it went to unanimous decision

How much did Floyd may weather and victor Ortiz earn for there fight?

Ortiz got 2.5 million. Mayweather got 32 million

Who won mayweather fight May 4 2013?

Mayweather on a 10th round TKO.

Was the mayweather fight against paul wight fake?

Some shots were real some shots were fake. Mayweather body punches and chairshots to the head were real but the brass knuckled punch that knocked the Big show out was fake. oh and The slap to the chest was definitely real.

Who fight of manny paquiao?

Floyd mayweather jr fight manny pacquiao

When does Mayweather fight next?

3rd March 2010. Sugar Shane Mosley versus Floyd Mayweather.

Who won the DeLaHoya-Mayweather fight on 5-5-2007?

Floyd Mayweather won by split decision.

How much did Guerrero get paid for may weather fight?

Robert Guerrero was paid three million dollars to fight Floyd Mayweather during the month of May. Floyd Mayweather was paid over thirty million for the fight.