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In 1933, Art Rooney Sr. paid the NFL a $2,500. franchise fee to have a team located in Pittsburgh. The Steelers were then known as the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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Q: How much did the Pittsburgh Steelers cost in 1933?
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How much did Art Rooney pay for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Art Rooney Sr. bought the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise (formerly known as the Pittsburgh Pirates) in 1933 for $2,500.

How much were the Pittsburgh Steelers sold for?

The Steelers were never sold. They were founded on July 8, 1933 as the Pittsburgh Pirates by Art Rooney Sr. The Rooney family still owns the Steelers till this day.

How much would it cost to buy the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise?

According to an article on in September of 2009, the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise is valued at $1.02 billion dollars.

How much did the 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl ring cost?


How much do Pittsburgh Steelers tickets cost?

Pittsburgh Steelers tickets cost from $75-$110. Ticket liquidators offers 15% off their tickets. This may be your first choice if you need to save. I guess this is not too bad.

How much does it cost to buy a share of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The general public cannot purchase shares of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The only NFL franchise that offers public shares is the Green Bay Packers.

How much money do the Pittsburgh Steelers cheerleaders get?

The Pittsburgh Steelers haven't had cheerleaders since 1969.

How much are Pittsburgh Steelers season tickets?

Go Steelers!

When were the Pittsburgh Steelers established?

The fifth-oldest franchise in the NFL, the Steelers were founded as the Pittsburgh Pirates on July 8, 1933, by Art Rooney. The ownership of the Steelers has remained within the Rooney family since its founding. The current owner is Art's son, Dan Rooney, who has given much control of the franchise to his son Art Rooney II.

How much does a ticket to watch the Pittsburghh Pittsburgh Steelers cost?

A ticket to watch the Pittsburg Steelers cost between 28 dollars per ticket to 97 dollars per ticket. It all depends on who they play and what stadium.

How much Super Bowl has The Pittsburgh Steelers won?

The Steelers have won six of the eight Super Bowls they have been in.

How much money does a Pittsburgh Steelers player make a year?

Just like the rest of the NFL, a Pittsburgh Steelers salary differs from player to player. There are different contracts for different players.

How much do the Pittsburgh Steelers players get paid?

It depends on their position and how good they are.

How much are Pittsburgh Steelers tickets?

It depends on what type of seats you are looking for.

How much were the Pittsburgh Steelers originally purchased for?

Art Rooney Sr. paid a $2,500 entrance fee to the NFL for a team in Pittsburgh. He named the team the Pittsburgh Pirates. Their name was changed to the Steelers in 1940-42 and then again from 1945 to the present.

How much did Art Rooney spend to start the team in 1933?

Art Rooney spent $2,500. to purchase the Steelers in 1933.

How much are the Pittsburgh Steelers worth in 2012?

According to Forbes magazine, the Steelers are worth $1.02 billion in 2012.

How much is the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise worth?

The Steelers ranked 14th on Forbes' annual most valuable team list at $1.1 Billion.

How much does Steve McLendon of the Pittsburgh Steelers make?

Steelers defensive lineman Steve McLendon will make $320,000. in 2010.

How much can Pittsburgh Steelers James Harrison bench?

490 bench 590 squat

Why do people like The Pittsburgh Steelers so much?

nobody likes the steelers because everybodys tired of hearing about them all the time. You ask me, Carolina Panthers #1!

Who is better Patriots or Pittsburgh Steelers?

the steelers are better than the new England patriots because if you look at stats and the franchise you can clearly see the steelers stats are much better and they have more superbowls also. Also the steelers have many reliable assets such as polamalu and ben rothelisberger

How much did a new Ford Taurus cost in 1933?

They didn't have Taurus in 1933.

The Pittsburgh Steelers won 23 to how much for the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII?

The Steelers won 27-23 over the Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII.

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