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The 2012 London Olympics logo cost £400,000 (which is about $620,972.63 US Dollars).

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Q: How much did the 2012 London Olympics logo cost?
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How much did it cost to design the 2012 London Olympics logo?

5 billion pound

What does the London Olympics logo mean?

probably means 2012 london olympics

What is the logo for London 2012 Olympics?

If you search Google images for "London 2012 logo" it will come up with photos.

Who designed the 2012 London Olympics logo?

The brand management firm Wolff Olins designed the logo, at a cost of £400 000.

What does 2012 Olympic logo represent?

the 2012 olympic logo represents the Olympics in 2012 in London at wembly stadium.

What is the logo for 2012 Olympics?

it is the five Olympic rings with London 2012 through it

How much did the logo cost in 2012 in London?

It cost about £400,000.

Did Richard Clarke create the London 2012 logo?

No, Richard Clarke did not create the 2012 London logo. The logo was created by Wolff Olins, a brand consultancy group based in London, New York City, and Dubai.

What are the original colour on the London Olympics logo?

Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, Red

Why is the London 2012 Olympics logo rude?

Beacuse, when looked at in detail it is as if the logo is a woman performing oral sex (on the right) to a man on the left. Another insight on the logo is bart and lisa doing the same action. Type it in on google images and see for yourself....

What controversial issue has surrounded the London 2012 Olympic games?

A 2007 commercial advertisement for the games featured the logo being depicted in rapidly changing colors. This resulted in some people experiencing epileptic seizuresThe initial reaction to the logo for the 2012 Olympics was largely negative

What the London logo Olympics means and represent?

the 5 rings represent the 5 out of 7 continents.

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