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A reported fee of £80 million.

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โˆ™ 2011-03-20 21:47:14
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Q: How much did ronaldo go to real Madrid for?
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When did ronaldo go to real Madrid?


Why did Cristiano Ronaldo go to Real Madrid?

As Manchester United needed money they sold Ronaldo to Real Madrid for 80 million pounds.

Hey ronaldo will you go to real Madrid?

No Mr Hey Christiano Ronaldo will not be leaving Manchester United , to join Real Madrid in the summer.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo going to real Madrid?

No, not yet. He still needs to have a medical. He will be number 9 at Madrid when he does go

Where did Cristiano ronaldo go afetr Manchester united?

Ronaldo moved from Manchester united to Real Madrid for 80 million pounds.

What team does Christaino Ronaldo play on?

Cristiano Ronaldo used to play for Manchester United (GO MAN U GO) He now plays for Real Madrid

Which player joined R Madrid for a world record fee?

the world record fee for a player to go to Real Madrid the player was Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo's favorite place to go?


Why do you want to work for Manchester united?

Ronaldo is the best player ever but why did he go to real Madrid -Sir Alex Ferguson

Why did Cristiano ronaldo want to go to real Madrid?

He wanted to go Real Madrid as he was not happy with Ferguson Champion league game in which Manchester United played for 8 minutes only. and a salary of 200,000 pounds was very tempting.

When did Ranaldo go to Real Madrid?

On 26 June 2009, Real Madrid confirmed that Ronaldo would join the club on 1 July 2009 from Manchester United for £80 million (€94 million).

What coast did Francisco Pizarro explore?

you see when ronaldo scored for real madrid this inspired them to win over man city to go ahead/

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