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Pacquiao-Cotto does 1.25 million pay-per-view

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Q: How much did pay per view for pacquiao coto fight earn?
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How much does manny pacquiao get paid for the fight with meguel cotto?

Manny Pacquiao gets paid 1,000,000 dollars just to win a fight!!! :)

How much is bradley being paid to fight pacquiao?


How much is pacquiao getting paid to fight Bradley?


How much money was made during manny pacquiao vs ricky hatton fight?

how much money did Ricky Hatton make from his figth with Pacquiao

How much money did manny pacquiao get paid to fight margarito?


How much money is Cotto making to fight Pacquiao?

18 dolales with 75/100

Did mickey ward fight manny pacquiao?

No... They were around in two different time era's but not by much. To bad, it would have been an amazing fight.

How much does Freddie roach make?

Manny Pacquiao pays him 1,000,000 dollars per fight since fighting ODLH

How much does Oscar de la hoya make perfight?

i think he made 40 to 60 million for the pacquiao fight alone.

How much jimmy Lennon jr earn per fight?

5,000,000 per fight

How much does Steve smoger earn per fight?


How much did pacquiao get paid to fight cotto?

Pacquiao was paid 2.4 million dollars for his dream bout against Cotto