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15 million dollars plus a share of the gate and ppv buys.

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Mayweather made $ 25 million, and Oscar made a record $52 million.

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Q: How much did mayweather make on de la hoya fight?
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How much does mayweather make?

30 million a match - NOT THAT MUCH DUDE..! on de la hoya V.S. Mayweather fight, Mayweather is only guaranteed 10 million excluding the pay per view and 24/7 income..

How much did Oscar de la hoya make when he fought mayweather?

oscar made $52 million floyd made $25 million

How much does Roger Mayweather make per fight?

2 mill

How much money did mosley make to fight mayweather?

Mayweather received a guaranteed $22.5 million for the fight, plus a bonus for pay-per-view subscriptions

How much does Floyd Mayweather get paid for the fight with victor ortis?

mayweather get 40 million for this fight

How much money did Oscar de la hoya make per fight?

52 million

How much did Shane mosley make on the mayweather fight?

They decided not to pay him because he lost - - lol.

How much did Cotto get paid to fight Mayweather?


How much is cotto getting paid to fight mayweather?

He's set to make bout 30 million for the mayweather fight. He has agreed to a 65/35 split with him on the lower end of that (ofcourse) so depending on what the gate and pay per view takes in will ultimately decide his take home pay.but cotto does have at least a garunteed 8million for the mayweather fight as we're mayweather has a garunteed 32 million for the fight.

How much does Oscar de la hoya make perfight?

i think he made 40 to 60 million for the pacquiao fight alone.

How much did victor ortiz make in his last fight against floyd mayweather?

alot all i know is that victor ortiz got to million and i think mayweather got 60

How much does Floyd mayweather gets paid for the fight with manny paquiao?

50 mill Mayweather made 26 million. De La Hoya made 46 million