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£30 million.

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Q: How much did man city pay for david silva?
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How many appearances has david silva do for man city in 10 2011?

He made 44 appearances in the 2010/2011 season.

Who is going to buy David silva?

It's Man United or Liverpool !

Have Manchester city bought any new players in the transfer window?

Man City Have Bought David Silva, Yaya Toure & Jerome Boetang... Man City Will Come About 3rd This Season. 1st Arsenal 2nd Chelsea 3rd Man City 4th Man U 5th Aston Villa or Tottenham

Who is the best player in man city 2012?

David Silva is their most prominent attacking player, followed closely by Sergio Aguero. Vincent Kompany, their captain, however, is arguably the most important.

Will man city win the league?

Definitely, Ageuro is in form, likewise kompany and silva, it will go city chelsea utd arsenal tottenham everton liverpool

How many goals has Samir Nasri scored for Manchester City?

As of February 22, 2012, Samir Nasri has scored two goals in the Premier League and one in the FA Cup for Manchester City.

Who can beat Anderson silva?

Ip man

Why are man utd so much better than man city?

They're not man city are the best

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How much money does the man city chairman have?

The man city manager has 80 billlion pounds..

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What is the Nationality of Man United Rafael?

The Nationality of Man United's Rafael da Silva is Brazil.