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30 second Super Bowl commercials in 2011 sold for between around 3 millions dollars, about $100,000 per second.

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Q: How much did a Super Bowl commercial cost in 2011?
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How much will it cost for a commercial in 2011 super bowl?

A 30-second commercial aired in Super Bowl XLV will cost $3 million (in U.S. dollars).

How much does a commercial cost in Super Bowl XLV?

A 30-second ad in Super Bowl XLV (2011) on CBS costs between $2.5 million and $2.8 million. The record cost for a Super Bowl commercial was during the 2010 Super Bowl on NBC, when ads averaged $3 million a piece.

What cost more a commercial for Super Bowl or Olympics?

super bowl

How much did a commercial cost during Super Bowl XXXV?

A 30 second commercial in Super Bowl XXXV cost $2.1 million.

What was the average cost of a 2011 super bowl commercial?

2.8-3.0 million U.S. dollars for 30 seconds

How much did a commercial cost during super bowl I?


How much does a super bowl XLV commercial cost?


How much money did doritos spend on Super Bowl commercials?

Every commercial cost 3,500,000 on the super bowl

How much cost for a 2009 Super Bowl commercial?

starting cost for a 30-second superbowl commercial is $3million.

How much does the 2010 Super Bowl commercial cost?

2.5 million

Has this year of cost for airing a commercial during the Super Bowl?


What does a 30 second commercial cost during the super bowl?