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It cost about 300 million dollars to build

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Q: How much did White Hart Lane Stadium cost to build?
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How far is it from white hart lane to the new olympc stadium?

how far is from white hart lane to the new olympc stadium

Wher is white hart lane stadium located?

White Hart Lane Stadium is located at 748 High Rd, Tottenham, London N17 0AP, United Kingdom.

How far is White Hart Lane away from the station in Northumberland?

White Hart Lane football stadium is 0.7 miles from the station in Northumberland Park.

Where is the shelf at White Hart Lane?

The ' Shelf Side ' at White Hart Lane is situated in the South East corner of the stadium ( positioned in the East Stand ).

What is the name of tottenham hot spur stadium called?

White Hart Lane

What is the capacity of Tottenham Hotspurs stadium?

White Hart Lane has a current capacity of 36,310.

When was white hart lane built?

White Hart Lane what - if you mean football ground, then 1899

What is the meaning of Hart in White Hart Lane?

There has never been an explanation as to why White Hart Lane is named this way. A Hart is a small deer.

Who is the tenant of White Hart Lane?

The tenant of White Hart Lane is Tottenham Hotspur F.C. in England.

Where is White Hart Lane Stadium located?

748 High Rd, Tottenham, London N17 0AP, United Kingdom

How big is white hart lane?


How many people can White Hart Lane hold?

The current capacity of Tottenham Hotspurs home ground, White Hart Lane, is 36,310.

Why is White Hart Lane well known?

The White Hart Lane football stadium is known for holding some football seating capacity records during the 1970s, as well as hosting the 1991 Watson-Eubank boxing match which ended quite tragically when Michael Watson suffered a serious brain injury. White Hart Lane has also hosted a number of American and international football matches, especially during the period when Wembley Stadium was under construction.

Where do the managers sit at White Hart Lane?

The managers sit at pitch side, in the dug out at White Hart Lane. Just as the players come out of the tunnel, the dug out is to the right hand side. The dug out is situated in the West Stand of White Hart Lane.

What is tottenham's home ground?

White Hart Lane

What are the measurements of the pitch at White Hart Lane?

The pitch dimensions at White Hart Lane are - 100 x 67 m 110 x 73 yd

How many rows are there in block 56 at White Hart Lane?

According to the eTicketing Service for Tottenham Hotspur, there are 26 rows in block 56 at White Hart Lane.

Where does the spurs soccer team play?

White Hart Lane

How many people does white hart lane hold?


Which stadium did arsenal win the premiership in 2004?

They clinched the title with a 2-2 draw at White Hart Lane against North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

What is the home ground for tottenham hotspur fc?

White Hart Lane

What is tottenham hotspurs home grounds called?

White Hart Lane

Distance between White hart lane and the emirates?

3.81 miles

Where do tottenham hotspur play?

1 White Hart Lane, London

Where is the Hotspurs fc located?

The Hotspurs Football Club is located in Tottenham, England. They are referred to as the Spurs and their home stadium is White Hart Lane. Their home colors are white and they wear navy uniforms for away games.