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Tiger Woods paid his wife close to $100,000,000. He is also to pay Elin child support.

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Q: How much did Tiger Woods pay Elin?
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How much will Tiger Woods pay in child support?

tiger woods will pay $25,000 a month in child support

How much is a Tiger Woods autograph worth?

depends how much people are willing to pay

How much does Buick pay Tiger Woods?

Nothing anymore, they no longer sponsor him.

How much will tiger woods pay in alimony?

He paid a lump sum of $100,000,000.00!

How much does Accenture pay Tiger Woods?

20 million USD a year, says:

How much does nike pay tiger woods to wear his cap?

40 million dollars

If Tiger Woods gets a divorce how much alimony will he have to pay his ex-wife?

As a victim of domestic violence, she should be required to pay anything.

How much would one expect to pay for signed pictures of Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods autographed pictures are very expensive, but can be found on different websites. Prices for these pictures can be found for $1000 up to $6500.

Who is more famous Nelson Mandela or Tiger Woods?

sadly tiger woods is more commonly known unless you pay attention in social class

How much does Nike pay tiger per year to use their golf ball?

Tiger Woods earns about 30 million dollars a year from the nike sports company.

What is the value of a tiger woods autographed nike red hat?

As much as the market will pay for it. It won't go for much unless you have a COA and find the right buyer.

How much does tiger woods pay in taxes?

The exact amount Tiger Woods pays in taxes is unknown. However, he lives in Florida where there is no state income tax. His federal tax bill based on his multi-million dollar earnings is 49 percent.

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