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i thank 4.5 i thank 8.5 please choose one!i thank 10 i thank 6.5

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Q: How much did Kevin Garnett weigh when he was born?
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How much is the salary to Kevin Garnett?


How much money does Kevin garnett make per game?

Kevin Garnett makes $256,098 per game this season (07-08).

How much does kevin garnett earn?

Kevin Maurice Garnett is the power forward of Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association. As of 2014, his annual earnings is 12.44 million USD .

How much was the highest paid player in basketball in 2008?

Kevin Garnett with 23,750,000 dolars

What religion is Kevin garnett?

In an interview, Gorgui Dieng said Kevin Garnett respected Gorgui s islamic beliefs and practice but there has not been any indication, from my knowledge, that he is Muslim.

How much does Kevin Jonas weigh?

Kevin weigh something like 150 pounds (68 kg) I guess.

Did the Boston Celtics pay too much for Kevin Garnett?

The Boston Celtics already have Kevin Garnett. He was traded to the Celtics during the summer of 2007, after the NBA draft.

How much kevin Durant weigh?

230 pounds

How much does Kevin Gregg weigh?

MLB player Kevin Gregg weighs 245 pounds.

How much does Kevin Chapman weigh?

MLB player Kevin Chapman weighs 226 pounds.

How much does Kevin Correia weigh?

MLB player Kevin Correia weighs 200 pounds.

How much does Kevin Gausman weigh?

MLB player Kevin Gausman weighs 190 pounds.