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Giambi has played for three teams (A's (1996-01, 09), Yankees (2002-08), Rockies (2010-11)) at three different positions (3B, 1B, DH) since 1996. Here are the amounts he's been paid per year:

1996- $120,000 (3B)

1997- $205,000 (3B)

1998- $315,000 (1B)

1999- $2,103,333 (1B)

2000- $3,103,333 (1B)

2001- $4,103,333 (1B)

2002- $10,428,571 (1B)

2003- $11,428,571 (1B)

2004- $12,428,571 (1B)

2005- $13,428,571 (1B)

2006- $20,428,571 (1B)

2007- $23,428,571 (DH)

2008- $23,428,571 (DH)

2009- $4 mil (DH)

2010- $1.75 mil (1B)

2011- $1 mil (1B)

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Q: How much did Jason Giambi get paid over the years?
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