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One cannot know the exact price David Beckham paid for his mens diamond earrings but it is believed they cost in the region of $12,000. He and his wife are well known for their expensive fashion tastes.

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Q: How much did David Beckham's mens diamond earrings cost?
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How much do platinum diamond earrings cost?

The cost of Platinum diamond earrings will vary greatly depending on the carat weight of the diamond. As an example for prices, 1/2 carat total weight start at about $1400 but a 1 carat total weight sells for approximately $3600 per pair.

How much do jewlerey store pay for diamond earrings?

It really depends on the store and the diamond. I just bought a pair of earrings with a small diamond for $96.00. I'm sure bigger diamonds would cost more. But, if your selling your earrings to a store they're obviously going to pay you less than what they are going to sell them for so they can make a profit.

What is the average cost for a pair of David Yurman earrings?

David Yurman earrings are fairly expensive pieces of jewelry and they can range in price anywhere from $325 to $7,000. It really depends what you're looking for if you want to determine the average price.

1.0 total carats H Clarity Si1 14 carat white gold princess cut diamond earrings cost?

It will cost between $1000 and $2100.

How much do diamond stud earrings typically cost?

The price for diamond stud earrings will vary greatly depending on a few different things. You can get them in 10, 14, 18 and 24 carat gold, as well as having different sized diamonds in the earrings. It will also depend on the clarity of the diamond. These are all factors that will be taken into account in the price of the earrings. Sorry I could not give you a definite answer, but you can find prices by searching the specific quality you are looking for.

How much do diamond earrings cost at Claire's?

Claire's is an accessory shop...They don't do real diamonds.

How much do earrings for ear piercings cost at claire's?

The earrings start at around $20 and go up from there.

Is it true that Kenneth jay lane earrings cost more than the president?

No, Kenneth Jay Lane earrings do not cost more than the president. Kenneth Jay Lane earrings can cost anywhere from $25 to $169, and the president costs much more than that price.

What is the most popular gem that are put in jewelry earrings?

Diamond is the most popular gem. They vary in size and cost but this will always be the most popular gem. Behind diamonds are pearls and then semi precious stones.

How much on average would white gold stud earrings cost?

On average, white gold stud earrings cost around $100-$300. You can purchase white gold stud earrings online from stores such as Target or retailers such as Amazon.

How much do pearl stud earrings cost?

The cost of pearl stud earrings can vary from store to store. The prices range from $24 to $69 depending on the store and what sales they are running.

How much do does it cost to perse your ears?

the piercing is usually free but the earrings cost money.