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about 20 cents i have some.

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nothing, because they weren't made!

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converse shoes in 1970s price

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About $20

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Q: How much did Converse tennis shoes cost in1961?
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What is the cost of converse shoes in 2014?


How much do converse shoes cost?

It depends in which type you buy. The regular Converse shoes that are pretty fancy cost around $40 to $50. But the nicer ones may cost you around $50 to $60.

What is the cost to make customized Converse shoes?

The cost of making customized Converse shoes varies depending on the style of shoe you choose. Kids customized shoes start at $45, while adult sizes start at $70.

How much do converse cost from official site?

Converse cost around $45 for the regular... 50-75$ for the special ones... And sometimes even higher than that.

How much did a pair of sneakers cost in 1990?

In 1990 tennis shoes cost anywhere from $75-$88 and now in days tennis shoes cost $100-$120.

How much did converse cost in 1908?

Converse first opened its doors in 1908. In 1915 the company introduced the tennis shoe line, costing an average of $1 per pair. By 1957 the Chuck Taylor All-Stars were selling for $3.95 per pair. Read more: How much were the first pair of converse tennis shoes? | Answerbag

A pair of running shoes cost $5.00 more than a pair of regular tennis shoes. The total cost for both is $115. Find the price of regular tennis shoes.?

Try this- the tennis shoes cost X. The running shoes cost X+5. So X + X+5= 115. So that is 2x+5=115. Now subtract 5 from each side of the equal mark, and you have 2x=110. Divide the 110 by 2, and you will have X- the cost of the tennis shoes. (Come on, I am not going to do ALL your homework for you!)

How much did shoes cost in 1960?

Depending on the quality and the style, shoes cost from 1.5 dollars to around 50 dollars. A pair of tennis shoes cost about 1.99.