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I had it on my MOTD magazine and this is how I know. It was £50 million. Pretty good deal.

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Q: How much did Chelsea pay for Fernando Torres?
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How much money did Chelsea pay for Fernando Torres?

A whopping £50 million

How much did Liverpool pay for Fernando Torres?

Approx. £25million

How much will Chelsea pay Torres per week?

he's paid 5,400,000 euros a year at chelsea...

How much did Chelsea pay for Mata?


How much does a soccer player get in a year?

The pay varies according to the team to which the player belongs and the quality of the player. Fernando Torres would get a much much higher salary than Baichung Bhutia (an Indian player). They get pain on per-week basis

How much did Chelsea pay for alex?

30 million pounds

How much did Chelsea pay for peter cech?

15million I think

How much money does Chelsea have to pay their players every week?

a lot

How much did Chelsea pay for yossi benayoun?

GBP 5.5 million

How much did Liverpool pay to sign Fernando Torres?

Approx £25 million. In a newspaper interview in 2008, Rafael Benitez stated that the fee was around "£20 million", although this probably includes the reciprocal transfer of Luis Garcia.

How much did Liverpool pay for Torres?

26 million euros 26.5 pounds Torres and Gerrard are worth all the money in the world... so...

What is a transfer fee in soccer?

The transfer fees in football are when one club A buys B footballer for sayin Kakas case. Real Madrid paid A.C.Milan the transfer fees for Kaka. a total of 56 million pounds . This is called a transfer fee. A player has contract on a club. Suppose Torres had 5 years contract on Liverpool. Chelsea bought Torres within that contract time so they had to pay transfer fee. Suppose torres moved to chelsea after the contract time was ended then Chelsea would not have to pay the transfer fee. You can know more about transfers on

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