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50 million pounds

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Q: How much did Arsenal win in prize money when they won the premiership in 2003-2004?
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What was west hams premiership prize money?

90 million

What is the Barclays Premiership prize money for each place for season 2011-2012?


If you win the AFL premiership how much money do you win?

For winning the 2010 premiership Collingwood received $1million in prize money.

How much is the prize money for English premiership league winner?

Prize Money for the 2009/2010 Premier League Season.Chelsea - £16,000,000 (WINNERS)Manchester United - £15,200,000Arsenal - £14,400,000Totenham Hotspur - £13,600,000Manchester City - £12,800,000Aston Villa - £12,000,000Liverpool - £11,200,000Everton - £10,400,000Birmingham - £9,600,000Blackburn - £8,800,000Stoke - £8,000,000Fulham - £7,200,000Sunderland - £6,400,000Bolton - £5,600,000Wolves - £4,800,000Wigan - £4,000,000West Ham - £3,200,000Burnley - £2,400,000Hull - £1,600,000Portsmouth - £800,000The 2009/2010 Premier League season saw a rise of around 5% with regards to how much each club will earn for their final position in the league table. Chelsea will receive a huge £16 million in prize money for winning the Premiership title and each club below them will receive £800,000 less than the club above them.

What is the prize money for the Barclay's Premiership?

A place in the Barclays Premier League is worth up to a staggering £60million, so the pressure is on the teams contesting the Championship play-offs to claim the final promotion ticket.

What is the prize money for the winner?

The prize money is $12, 550,000.

What is the prize money at the Cincinnati open?

The prize money is $2,340,000

Marie spent 75 of her prize money on a few CDs She spent 25 of the remaining money on books She then had half of her prize money left What was the amount of her prize money?


What is the biggest prize money?

I think the biggest prize money is 1,100,000 in 2011 in wimbledon.

What was the original prize money for the Archibald prize?


What is the name for poker prize money?

Prize money if you are asking about a tournament, in regular play it is called the pot.

NBA prize money?

there is no NBA prize money bu the team may give you a pay raise.