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Q: How much did Ali get paid to fight Holmes?
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What was Muhammad Ali's condition after the fight with Larry Holmes?

yes now ali has brain damage and memory loss and hardly can rember who his kids are and where he is but it takes him time to rember

What is the value of a Muhammad Ali vs Larry Holmes fight seat cushion from the Oct 21 1980 fight at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas?

a lot

Did joe frasier break Muhammad Ali's jaw?

No, Joe Frazier did not break Muhammad Ali's jaw. Muhammad Ali's jaw was broken in his fight against Ken Norton on March 31, 1973. Ali continued to fight for the full 12 rounds but lost the bout. Joe Frazier and Ali had three epic fights, but the jaw injury was not a result of their matches.

Did Muhammad ali ever beat Larry Holmes?

No, Ali was too old when he fought Holmes and as such, never beat him.

Who won Ali or Holmes?

angelo dundee (ali's chief second) stopped the fight at the end of the 10th round.

How many time did Muhammad ali wins at Larry Holmes?

Ali fought Holmes one time, and lost by TKO.

Was rocky v storyline of Tommy gunn fighting his mentor rocky balboa based on Muhammad ali versus Larry Holmes fight?


Who beat mohammed ali but lost to Mike Tyson?

The answer is Larry Holmes. He was a bum with an ego, not a real champion. First off, Muhamad Ali was not just over-the-hill in boxing terms but throughout that fight, his hands were shaking, and not because he was mocking the other guy egging him on daring him to attack him, when fighting Holmes Ali clearly had Parkinson's disease. In addition to having Parkinson's, he was also out of shape, in a later fight Ali managed to get himself in shape, even attaining a youthful look, but, sadly Spinks ended his career.

Why did muhammed Ali retier?

Age and the effects of years in the ring finally caught up with Muhammad Ali leading to a retirement in 1978 after regaining the Heavyweight title from Leon Spinks. Ali came out of retirement to fight Larry Holmes (a former sparring partner) in an illadvised and tragic 1980 bout. Holmes completely dominated the former champ through ten rounds, seeming to go easy on Ali out of respect for his past employer, until Angleo Dundee - Ali's trainer and corner man - stopped the fight in the tenth. Ali fought once more before finally laying aside the gloves in 1981

How much does Muhammad Ali weigh?

for his pro debut in 1960, he weighed 192 pounds. against liston in '64 he weighed 210 against frazier in '71 he was 210 against foreman in '74, he was 216 against ernie shavers he was 225 against Larry Holmes, he drained himself making 217, and in his last fight against berbick, he was 236.

How much money did Muhammad ali ear in his fight amateur fight against Ronnie O'Keefe?

4 dollar!

Was Angelo Dundee Ali's only trainer?

When Ali fought Larry Holmes Angelo was not his trainer