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187000 euros

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Q: How much did AC Millan pay for Ronaldinho?
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How much did they pay ronaldinho to play with AC Milan?

€6.5 million a year and three year contract .

How much ac Milan paid for ronaldinho?

8.65 million

Is Liverpool better than ac millan?

yes of course Liverpool is better than ac millan because livepool won the eourpean cup

Is Ronaldinho playing for Barcelona?

No, Ronaldinho does not play for FC Barcelona, he plays for AC Milan

Which team is ronaldinho in?

He's currently with AC Milan.

Is ronaldinho still in Barcelona?

No, he is at AC Milan

Who does ronaldinho play for in 2010?

AC Milan.

Ronaldinho stay in ac Milan?

Yes, he still plays for AC Milan.

What is the Salary Of Ronaldinho In Ac Milan?

180.000 a week

Which plays a ronaldinho?

He plays for AC Milan and Brazil.

What was ronaldinho's team in 2009?

AC Milan FC

Which team is ronaldinho?

He plays for AC Milan and Brazil.