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Q: How much beer is sold at a NFL game How many hot dogs are sold at a NFL game?
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How much beer is consumed in one game of beer pong?

depends on how many cups you play with. in other words alot.

How much beer hot dogs and hamburgers for 20 people?

30 to 35 hamburgers, 40 hot dogs, and 2 to 3 cases of beer.

How much beer is drank in one NFL game?

approximitly 300 gallons of beer are drank in one NFL game

How much beer is sold during an NHL game?

it maters on the team,rink,type of beer

How much beer is in a can of beer?

Your average can of beer is 12 ounces, but beer cans can come in many other sizes.

How much does it cost for a beer at a colts game?

5 bucks

How much suger in beer?

How much suger in a lite beer

How much is a flat of beer?

A flat of beer is 24 cans of beer.

Is beer unhealthy for you?

sometimes it depends how strong the beer is and how much beer you've had already if you drink to much beer it could be fatal or threatening to your health

How much fat is there in beer?

Beer has NO fat

How many how many teaspoons of sugar in 12 oz beer?

how much sugar in a

How many dogs are too much?

There are never too much dogs. The question is a matter of opinion. I think about 10 dogs but I am a absolute dog lover.

How many beer can drink when driving?

you already drank too much

How much is the fat lady beer can worth?

How much is the fat lady beer can worth also I was wondering how much the billy beer can. They are about 1950's or older!

Why does your dad have a beer belly?

coz he drinks to much beer and eats to much rubish

Can humans float in beer?

Depends on how much you weigh and how much the weight the beer can hold

How much sodium is in fountain root beer?

There are many different amounts, but normally more than 20% sodium is in fountain root beer.

How much calories in a glass of beer?

there are many different answers to this question.light beer has an average of 100 calories per 12 ounces.a full bodied beer has about 145 per 12 ounces.

How much does the game Nintendo dogs cost?

for a used on is $8.99. for new its $29.99

How much hydroxide is in beer?

Beer doesn't contain hydroxides.

How much fat is in beer?

Beer in fat = 0 + 0

How much beer does a beer picther hold?

64 ounces

How much alcohol in pacifico beer?

Pacifico beer has 4.5%

How many grams of alcohol in a beer?

How many grams of alcohol are in a beer depend on what kind you are drinking as well as what the percentage of alcohol is. There might be 2 grams of alcohol, or much more than that.

How many dogs are in us key cities?

There are too much dogs in us key cities.

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