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approximitly 300 gallons of beer are drank in one NFL game

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Q: How much beer is drank in one NFL game?
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How much beer is drank at a NFL game?

approximately 300 gallons of beer are drank in one NFL game I believe the above estimate is way off! Based upon figures from Invesco Field at Mile Hi, they serve 70,000 beers at any given game, or the equivalent of 700 kegs. Using my college math...a keg holds 15.5 gallons, so that is approximately 10,850 gallons.

How much beer is sold at a NFL game How many hot dogs are sold at a NFL game?


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Doug Miller makes $156,000,000 dollars per NFL game

How much do NFL game balls cost?

The prices for NFL game balls will vary depending on the game and the team. Some game balls have sold for as high as $10,000.

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beer lls

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Bud light

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$50 a game

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about 300 dollars

How much do NFL statisticians get paid per game?

bout 5000.000

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There are no points for penalties in an NFL game.

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i think i heard somewhere once that they were 250,000

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There are 15 minutes in a quarter!

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Every NFL team has won a game.

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