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Q: How much are the Hasbro 1972 Baby Ruth dolls worth?
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Is baby alive available in a variety of skin tones?

Baby Alive dolls are lifelike dolls made by the company Hasbro. There are several different styles of the doll available for purchase, with many different skin tones.

How do you play baby dolls?

you play baby dolls by pretending the baby is real.

Who is the manufacturer of the Baby Alive doll?

Hasbro is the manufacturer of the Baby Alive doll. The Baby Alive doll was introduced by Kenner in 1973. Hasbro took over and redesigned the Baby Alive doll in 2006.

What is the making of baby alive?

The name of the making is Hasbro.

Where can one purchase BABY Born Dolls?

You can purchase BABY Born Dolls from stores such as Toys 'R Us and Walmart. Alternatively, you can purchase BABY Born Dolls from retailers such as Amazon.

Where can I purchase outfits and dresses for baby dolls?

You can purchase outfits and dresses for baby dolls at places like Target, ToysRUs, and WalMart. Amazon and eBay also offer outfits and dresses for baby dolls.

What stores sell lifelike baby dolls?

Stores that sell lifelike baby dolls include Toys'r'Us and Wal-Mart. If one decides that these baby dolls aren't lifelike enough, one can go to Sainsbury's.

Which acid bath song has smoke the bones of baby dolls in the lyrics?

The bones of baby dolls on when the kite string pops.

Where can I buy a set of baby dolls?

Baby dolls are popular collectibles. A former premier of New Brunswick was well known for his doll collection. Baby dolls can be purchased new through Amazon and Toys R Us.

What are baby dolls made of?


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