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Michael Jordan's silver medallion/coin is worth between 24 and 65 dollars. But really the worth is what ever any two people agree it's worth!

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Q: How much are silver Michael Jordan collector coins worth?
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Where to sell your silver coins?

You can sell silver coins to a coin collector, jewelry shop ect.

Where can you sell US silver coins?

Ebay can be a good place to sell coins. If you don't want to do that take it to a coin collector.

What is scrap silver?

Scrap silver is silver jewelry, coins, utensils or other items with little collector value and is sold for simply the silver content in the items.

How much does is a 1976 silver dollar worth?

It's a Eisenhower Dollar and the value is $1.00 only special collector's coins has silver. All the coins released for circulation are copper nickel.

What was the last year for us silver coins?

1964 for dimes, quarters, and half dollars at 90% silver. Halves were then 40% silver until 1970. The only silver coins since then were special collector issues, but none for general circulation.

Silver Halfcrowns approx 5lb in weight what value?

If you are interested only in the silver value, not all Halfcrowns were made from pure silver and the post 1947 coins contained no silver at all. Whatever the going rate for silver is. If you are interested in the collector (numismatic) value of the coins, please provide year and condition of the coins.

What metals are used to make coins?

Most general circulation coins are made of alloys - combinations of brass, zinc, copper, nickel etc. Collector coins are still made of gold and silver. .999 silver and for some recent gold coins .9999

What is the best way to sell old coins?

It depends how much you have and what type of coins you have. Are they collector coins (as in, high grades, key dates, rare coins) or are they junk silver coins (as in, worn silver quarters from the 40s, silver dimes from the 50s, etc.). If they are collector coins, it is better to sell to a reputable dealer. If they are junk silver coins craigslist and eBay are your friends, but dealers and jewelery stores will usually buy them too. Don't go to places like "Cash 4 Gold" or other "Hotel Lobby" sellers. They will often times take 50% or more off the true value of your coins.

What is the value of an 1890 British silver Farthing?

Farthings from this period were made from bronze. If your Farthing appears to be silver, somebody has silver plated it. Modified coins have no collector value.

Should you purchase silver coins or bars?

Whether you should purchase silver coins or silver bars depends on why you are purchasing silver. If you are a coin collector or want silver items that make a pleasing display, coins are probably preferable. If you are purchasing silver as a hedge against inflation, you may prefer bars, but may want to consider the security of where you will keep them.

What is the value of a 1937 silver farthing?

British farthings were made of bronze, not silver. Check that coin again. Modified coins have little or no collector value.

How much is a 1946 Great Britain Farthing on a sterling silver chain worth?

Modified coins have no collector value.

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