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>penny boards are and average of a 100$ dollars, amazon 95$, zoomiez 100$

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Q: How much are penny skateboards?
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How much are Penny Skateboards in America?


What is better skateboards or pennyboards?

Some people think normal skateboards are better, although penny skateboards are faster and they turn much better.

How big is a penny skateboard?

An average "Penny" by Penny Skateboards is 27' inches. The "Nickel" by Penny Skateboards, is 27' inches.

Can you put skateboards trucks on penny skateboards?

well I've seen it done and ive just ordered some for my penny so i hope so

Is penny going to make more hundreds x penny skateboards?

no she is not

When did penny skateboards come out?


Why were penny skateboards invented?

In your mommas house

Where are penny skateboards made?


Do penny skateboards fit in backpack?

No unless you have a big backpack

Are penny skateboards good?

Yes, penny skateboards are amazing! the plastic is almost indestructible, a car can drive over it with out it breaking, they are just so much fun and not very expensive, even though it is $99.95. You should get one, it is worth it! It depends on your budget. There are few brands out there are just as good quality at half the price.

What kind of backpacks are used to carry penny skateboards?

You could really use any kind of backpack, as long as they have the straps on the back for the skateboard. Well there is a website for specific bags for boards, which I found one bag for penny skateboards, its an organic bag, because that matters.

What is the best long boarding brand?

Penny skateboards Australia they are actually shot but they are the best cruisers!!!!!

Are the trucks on stereo vinyl cruisers and penny skateboards the same?

size wise the penny i think has a little bit bigger (i have both) So no but i like the stereos better

How much do skateboards weigh?

Skateboards weigh around 3 to 7 pounds anywhere in between there.

What is the difference between steel wheel skateboards and rubber wheel skateboards?

rubber wheels are much better. They are smoother, and newer than steel wheel skateboards. Steel wheel skateboards are old. They were around a long time ago.

How much does Rockstar Skateboards cost?


How much are mini logo skateboards?


Are flip skateboards better than zero skateboards?

for price, yes*. for durability, no*. speed depends on what bearings you have *not by much

Are element skateboards better then blind skateboards?

element skateboards are better than blind skateboards.

How much are osprey skateboards?

about thirty to twenty eours

How much money is skateboards at Walmart?

A waste of money

What are all of the skateboarding companies?

Adio Aesthetic Skateboards Airwalk Alien Workshop Almost Angelboy Skateboards Anti-Hero Skateboards Arise Truck Avera Skateboards Bacon Skateboards Baker Birdhouse Black Label Skateboarding Blind Skateboards Bones Brigade Bootleg Skateboards C1RCA Footwear Capix Chocloate Skateboards Darkstar DC Deatbox Skateboards Deca Skateboards Decade DVS Es Etnies Enjoi Skateboards Flip Skateboards Girl Globe Shoes Hawk Clothing Matix Powell - Peralta Vans Zero Skateboards

Where can one purchase Zero skateboards?

Zero skateboards can be purchased at Zero Skateboards, Warehouse Skateboards, Zumiez, Zero Skateboards Sale, and online retailers like Amazon and eBay.

How much money is spent on skateboards?

It depends on what kind of board.

Are baker skateboards good?

yes baker skateboards are the best skateboards you can ever get