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How much is the official NFL card Joe Montana XIX Super Bowl

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Q: How much are nfl pro set football cards worth?
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How much is a complete set of 1990 score football cards worth today?

Less than $20.00

How much is a Tom Brady autographed NFL Football worth?

a signed nfl football from tom brady is definatly not worth as much as me

How much is a nfl football card can from pinnacle 97 with Brett Favre cards worth?

About 1-2 bucks. Per can.

How much are 1980s and 1990s NFL cards worth?


How much is a Warren Moon autographed NFL Football worth?

How much is a Warren Moon autographed worth on ball.

How much would an autographed Peyton Manning football be worth?

If it is authentic and a real nfl licensed football, they can be worth $500-$800.

How much is new 1992 nfl gameday cards complete set worth?


How much is a ricky watters card worth the official NFL card?

Many of the football cards are valued in price close to $1 each. The amount will vary depending upon the wear and tear of the card.

How much are official NFL cards worth?

Depends who they are and the condition of the card i recommend buying a beckett

How much is a NFL draft day Sean Taylor autographed football worth?


What is a complete set of 1984 NFL Topps football cards worth?

If the Marino and Elway Rc's are in great shape mint(9), have them graded at psa and your set will be worth alot more.

Is there a site that will tell you how much NFL cards are worth?

i have several nfl trading cards such as, joe Montana, and alote of other 49ers and i have some troy aikmans, also some Michael jordans i need to know if there is any place i can go to get an appraisel on how much there worth, email is

How much is an Aaron Rodgers autograph worth?

It's depends what he signed on. My official NFL football he signed is worth about $200.

How much is a genuine NFL Giants Champions football signed by Antonio Pierce worth?


How much NFL football teams are there?

32 NFL football teams

How much is kraft worth?

Robert Kraft Owner of the New England Patriots NFL football team is reported by Forbes to be worth 1.5 Billion

Value of 1990 collector set score NFL football cards?


How much is a 1990 NFL Pro Set Deon Sanders Football card worth?

somewhere around $6.00 to $12.00

How much is a 1993 nfl Super Bowl football worth that is signed by Tony Tolbert and leon lett?

38 cents

How much does a NFL football cost?


A touchdown is worth how many points in a football game?

A touchdown is worth 6 points in an NFL football game.

How much NFL teams are there?

32 NFL football teams

How many points is a rouge in football worth?

In the CFL, a rouge is worth 1 point and is the equivalent of a touchback in the NFL. No points are awarded for an NFL touchback.

What is a card number on a football card?

it is the number that the card is in a certain set There is the base set in which you have all the players but there may be subsets as well, such as rookie cards or insert cards.

What is a NFL pro set of Super Bowl IX cards worth?