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Just saw a pair of 175cm with bindings for $8 at the thrift store.

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Q: How much are hexcel sundance skis worth?
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How much are hexcel sundance honeycomb skis worth?

Not much. They are very dated and don't have much of a collectors value.

How much are your Harvey E Dodds wooden skis worth?

The worth of a pair of Harvey E. Dodds wooden skis will depend on the year and condition. A 1937 pair could be worth around $200.

How much are skis?

depends on the skis!

How much for rental skis?

Top of the line skis for one week is around €100.

What does oil do to skis?

There's usually not much use for oil with skis. Modern skis are mainly plastic, and oil won't do much for them. Older wodden skis are/were traditionally treated with tar as a sort of base preparation to keep the snow from sticking to them.

What did the first skis look like?

They looked very much like the skis we use today.

How much is it to rent skis?

A one week rental (6 days) is starting at € 60 for a pair of beginners skis and up to €120 for advanced skis.

How much are these skis worth?

Nordica beast 69 TT sle - they are worth $1090 brand new , mine have bene used a few times and have a few small scratches as they would have?

What are your 1937 Chalet Junior Harvey E Dodds skis worth?


Do you need to wax new Salomon skis?

Hi no you shouldn't need to, but you can put, wax on after you have been skiing in the evening, also its worth getting your skis serviced after your holiday.

What different types of skis do Salomon make bindings for?

Salomon makes ski bindings for oversized skis, driver skis, Z10 and Z12 skis, steel skis, Guardian skis, various variety of STH skis and non-STH skis.

Why should you wax skis?

You wax your skis so that you don't stumble on the snow and you just glide over it for a smooth ride! Also, waxing your skis enables you to ski faster and it protects the bases of your skis, which if damaged can cause a rougher ride and can make the skis harder to control (trust me, I had skis with damaged bases and once they were repaired they were SO much easier to control).

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