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About $1600. This is not actual information.

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About $1600

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Q: How much are front row Super Bowl ticket?
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How much was a ticket at the Super Bowl?

25 millones of dolors

How much for a 2013 Super Bowl ticket?

Tickets are starting at about $2300

How much does a Super Bowl ticket cost?

super bowl tickets are selling for $2400 and $240 acoding to "stub Hub" .com

When can you buy Super Bowl 45 tickets?

how much was the ticket price the superbowl45

How much money was a ticket to the first Super Bowl?

$12, $10 and $6.

How much does it cost to attend a Super Bowl?

2006 Pittsburgh vs Seattle...$600.00 face value of ticket

How much was the ticket for super bowl 2?

same price as your mums service =DD (;;

How much is the average super bowl ticket for xlv?

I paid 4800.00 for sec C238 row 5

How much was super bowl 2011 tickets?

cheapest ticket sold for $3,126...Pretty much if you have to even ask, you cant afford it.

How much does a Super Bowl ticket cost for 2011?

Tickets range from 2k-10k and up for luxury suite tickets

How much is a 1995 super bowl cowboys ring?

They Did not win the super bowl in 1995, they won the super bowl in '93, '94 and '96.

How much is face value Super Bowl ticket?

Super Bowl X Full ticketA January 18 1976 Super Bowl X Full ticket, the Dallas Cowboys vs Pittsburgh Steelers is worth about $300.00 - $400.00 in excellent - near mint condition. A Ticket stub is worth about $150.00 - $175.00 in excellent - near mint condition. Condition is important. The slightest flaws could bring the price down significantly. Common flaws include; rips, creases, stains, and fading. Ticket stubs that are not ripped cleanly will also sell for less.