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32 billion

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Q: How much are Queens Park Rangers worth?
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How much money does queens park rangers football club have?

It is unsure how much QPR will be given to spend, but their 3 chairmen are worth $60m, $2b and $45b respectively.

How much is a duckhams Queens silver jubilee coin worth?

Duckhams oil queens silver jubilee coin how much is it worth

How much is queens police medal worth?

the Queen's Police Medal is priceless.

How much does power rangers mystic force cards worth?

5 cents

How much was Alex Rodriguez's contract worth with the Texas Rangers?

12 million

How much does a park ranger make?

It depends on what state you live in. But on average, the salary is about $32,000.

How much is Park Place worth on a Monopoly board?


How much is a Paul Gascoigne rangers top signed and framed top be worth?

It is worth about as much as he is................ Nothing !! Talented lad as he was but a complete and utter tw*t, not to mention a bigot

How much is Serge Lacroix from Ny queens worth?

Before his divorce 10million mostly from auto sales and mutual funds.

How much is Madjid Bougherra worth?

he cost Rangers 2.5 million so probably his transfer value is 2.5M

How much is 50 cents coin with queens head on worth?

Any 50 cent coin with Elizabeth II on it will be worth 50 cents in whatever country it came from.

How much are the New York Rangers worth?

Unless major improvement happens, about $1490