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It really depends on where you want to sit. Endzone seats are going to be a lot cheaper than 50 yardline seats.

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Q: How much are Indianapolis Colts tickets?
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Where can one purchase tickets to an Indianapolis Colts game?

There are several places someone can purchase tickets to an Indianapolis Colts game. Many online sites, such as stubhub, ticketzoom and the Indianapolis colts site all sell tickets to Colts games.

How much did 2013 Indianapolis Colts playoff tickets cost?

Colts playoff tickets were around $230 (this is about the average price). This estimate was made using the cost of ravens vs colts game. the orignial estimate was $229.12

Where can one find a schedule of games the Indianapolis Colts are appearing in?

The full games schedule of the Indianapolis Colts can be found on their website called Colts. Information on the team, the league and tickets can also be found on the site.

Which places sell what they consider as cheap Indianapolis Colts tickets?

The place that sells cheap Indianapolis Colts tickets are Ticket Master. The object of the game, however, is to get to the ticket office early at the premier of the event to get the cheapest tickets. The longer an interested party waits, there is a likelihood that the cheap tickets would be sold out.

Where can someone go to buy Indianapolis Colts tickets?

To buy Indianapolis Colt tickets, you could try buy calling up your local Ticketmaster. They will probably help you with buying tickets. You can also call the arena.

What state are the Indianapolis colts located in?

The Indianapolis Colts are in Indianapolis, Indiana!

When was Indianapolis Colts created?

Indianapolis Colts was created in 1953.

Where is it possible to purchase tickets to see the Indianopolis Colts?

The official website for the Indianapolis Colts would be the first place to look for tickets, if not there, then seek to purchase them on a ticket website like stub hub.

When were the colts created?

The colts were created in Baltimore until they moved to Indianapolis and became the Indianapolis colts.

Where are the Indiana colts from?

The Indianapolis Colts are from Baltimore and moved to Indianapolis in 1984.

Who is the quaterback for the Indianapolis Colts?

Peyton Manning is the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts.

What year did Indianapolis Colts come to Indianapolis?

The Indianapolis Colts moved to Indianapolis, Indiana (from Baltimore) back in 1984.

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