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Q: How much are 1980s and 1990s NFL cards worth?
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How much is naomi Campbell worth?

Naomi Campbell's net worth is about $48 million. She is a British model and became popular in the late 1980s and into the 1990s.

How much is 1992 Spider-Man marvel masterpiece card worth?

Marvel Masterpiece cards aren't worth much of anything. Unfortunately the 1990s were a collectors craze where people purchased all sorts of things in the hopes of them growing in value. This caused the opposite effect, very little from the 1990s has grown in value.

How much your first addition cards are worth?

What first edition cards are worth can depend on their condition. What type of cards they are, and how much you paid for them can also determine how much they are worth.

How much is a 1980s penny worth?

1 cent!

I have a 1980s Rythmline SG Guitar how much is it worth?

Guitar is worth $150.00 - $200.00

I have 434 Pokemon cards how much are they worth?

It depends on which cards they are. Check a website to find out how much the individual cards are worth, they add the amounts together.

How much are trap cards and spell cards worth on yugioh cards?

Depends what the cards are. Some are worth a lot, some are almost worthless.

How much are your yu gi oh cards worth?

how do i find out how much my Yu-Gi-Oh cards are worth and what website?

How much is it worth for 200 yu gi oh cards?

Different cards are worth different amounts. Depends on which cards they are.

How much is Steve Largent's rookie card worth?

You can use the Beckett guide which prices cards. I have a Largent rookie and the last I checked it was valued at $40.00. At one point in the mid 1990s it was up to $100.00.

What happened to Lisa Angelle?

Lisa Angelle was a former country singer that was known for her work in the 1980s and 1990s. Not much is known about her work, as of 2014, as her last album was in 2000.

How much are Toy Story cards and sets worth?

If They Are Foil Then There Worth 5.00! Like Pokemon Cards!

Are xmen cards worth anything?

Xmen cards, are not worth much these days, however if it is from an old year it does increase in value.

How much are 1989 baseball cards worth?

I got a 61 mike schmidt cards how much is that

How much are 30 yugi yo cards worth?

depends on what the cards are

How much is 355 Pokemon cards worth?

It depends what the Pokemon cards are.

How much are NBA hoops cards worth?

they are worth $1,000,000

How much is your talking Mickey Mouse worth?

whats the value of the 1980s talking micky mouse

How much is a collection of goosebumps cards worth?


How much are 1991 marvel cards worth?


How much is Topps 1988 Gallery of Champions Aluminum cards worth?

how much are this worth

What happened to Lisa?

Lisa Angelle was a former country singer that was known for her work in the 1980s and 1990s. Not much is known about her work, as of 2014, as her last album was in 2000.

Where do i go to findout how much my ozzie smith baseball cards is worth?

The search engines can help you determine how much your Ozzie Smith Baseball cards are worth.

How much money are yu gi oh cards worth?

it depends on what cards you sell some can be worth a lot but can be worth less i suggest you research them

How much are the skip cards worth?

They are worth around 20 bucks.