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Red Sox lost to Yankees in a tie breaker for the al east title Yankees went 100-63 red sox went 99-64

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Q: How much are 1978 Red Sox playoff tickets?
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Who started in 1978 for the New York Yankees against the Boston Red Sox in the one game playoff?

In the one game playoff on October 2, 1978, Ron Guidry started the game for the Yankees, and Mike Torrez started for the Red Sox.

How many games back were the New York Yankees to the Boston Red Sox in 1978?

In July 1978, the Yankees were 14.5 games behind the Boston Red Sox, before rallying to tie the Sox for first place. The Yankees beat the Red Sox in a one game playoff that year.

How many games did the yanks trail the Boston Red Sox in 1978 before their historic comeback leadin a 1 game playoff?

14 games

How many games did the Yankees trail the Boston Red Sox in 1978 before their historic comeback leading to a 1-game playoff?

14 games.

How much did Red Sox tickets cost in 1963?

I got tickets for free in 1963 and the bleachers were $1.00.

How many games did the New York Yankees win in 1978?

In 1978, the Yankees finished the regular season with a 100-63 record. This included a one-game playoff against the Boston Red Sox.

How much do season tickets cost for the Red Sox?


How much do red light tickets cost in San Pedro?


How much are 2013 season tickets for Boston Red Socks?

Season tickets are already sold out, therefore pricing informations are not available anymore.

How much is a red zone violation in LAX?

$75 for parking in a red zone. Tickets automatically double when they are paid late.

Who got the winning rbi in the 1978 playoff game between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees?

On October 2, 1978, Reggie Jackson got the game winning rbi, when he hit a solo home run in the top of the eight inning. The Yankees went on to defeat the Boston Red Sox, 5-4.

How much do Red Sox tickets costs online?

Tickets on a Sunday for red sox will cost around $95.00 to sit in the loge. However on a Monday prices will range from $99 for a red loge seat to $25 for a place in the coke deck standing room.

Where can you buy Red Sox tickets at?

There are many online website where you can buy tickets to see the Red Sox. Stubhub and Acetickiting are the more well known websites where you can get tickets. You can also buy tickets at the official site of the Boston Red Sox.

How much can cheap Red Sox tickets cost?

Cheap Red Sox tickets can cost as low as $28 if purchased in advance online on the team's official website. The $28 is for bleachers seating. Grandstand seats, box seats and pavilion seats are much more expensive.

How much do red light tickets cost in New York?

I think it's $50 dollars

How much are the Boston Red Sox tickets?

Go to the web-site and click on the Boston Red Sox site for ticket information.

Where would one be able to purchase Red Wing tickets?

Red Wing tickets, for the NHL side Detroit Red Wings, can be purchased from the team website as well as from ticket vendors such as Tickets Now and Seatwave.

How much do Red Sox season tickets cost?

For 2 good seats, it is roughly 8,000 dollars.

Who has the Longest consecutive playoff appearances in any sport?

Red wings

Which nhl team has played in the most playoff games?

The red wings

Which NHL team has the most consecutive playoff appearances?

Red wings.

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Red light camera tickets are moving violations. They will be on your driving record.

How can you get Boston Red Sox tickets for a season?

You can buy Boston Red Sox tickets for a season on Craigslist, online, or at the stadium box office.

Where can you find discounts on Boston Red Sox tickets?

Bosten Red Sox tickets can be expensive, but they can be found a variety of websites. Ticketmaster and Stubhub are two websites that give discounts on tickets of all kinds.

How much did 2007 World Series tickets cost?

The 2007 World Series tickets cost approximately 1,500 dollars. The teams that played in the World Series were the Boston Red Socks and the Colorado Rockies.