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5 Billion

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Q: How much annual revenue does the sale of NBA jerseys generate?
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What is annual revenue?

Annual revenue is how much money is made/earned over one year or per year.

How much revenue do Jordan brand sneakers generate?


What deference between cost and revenue?

Cost is how much is spent revenue is the annual how much u make

How much revenue does Valentines day generate in the USA?

1 billion

How much revenue does Olympics generate?

Approximately 1 Dollar and 24 Cents

How do you calculate capitalized value?

Capitalized value, or cost, is the sum of the all ANNUAL equivalent revenue payments and/or costs, divided by the interest rate involved, for infinite compound periods. Basically, how much revenue that project will generate or require if it is needed indefinitely long.Factor tables make calculating the annual equivalent values fairly easy. The formula for calculation is:A( 1/i )Where A is the sum of annual equivalent values and i is interest rate.

Why is a measure of income important?

This shows how profitable a company is. And it also shows how much their assets generate in revenue. To say if i invested a dollar into your company, how much does the company output which is revenue.

How much annaual sales do US franchises generate?

500 Billions dollars annual

Are NBA players paid too much?

The Cap increases/decreases depending on the revenue the NBA makes, so they actually get paid according to the revenue they generate.

How much money does the annual sale of Halloween candy generate?

Around 2 Billion dollars

How much revenue does the soccer world cup make?

A great deal of money is made at the world cup. Not only tickets but then there are canteens and jerseys sold.

How much revenue does the NFL generate from merchandise sales?

Merchandise is the second greatest revenue source for the NFL. Each year the NFL generates two billion dollars from merchandise sales.

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