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7 to 9lbs.

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Q: How much air pressure should a basketball have?
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How much air pressure should a NBA basketball have?

15 lbs

What air pressure should a basketball have?

9.5 PSI

How much air pressure is in a 28.5 basketball?


How much air pressure is in a regular basketball?


What pressure do you inflate a basketball to?

NBA rules state a basketball's air pressure should be between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds.

Does it matter how much air pressure is in a basketball?

Yes, it does with out air pressure the basketball will not bounce high as it's supposed to. It might also not bounce at all.

How much air pressure do you need in a basketball?

When you drop it from six feet it should bounce up three feet.

How much air pressure do you need in your basketball?

enough to make it bounce

How much does a basketball weigh in kilos?

1.5 Kilos is the heaviest a basketball can weigh, if aired up to its highest possible air pressure. But at recommended air pressure a basketball will weigh about 800 grams.

What would happen if there was to much air pressure in a basketball?

It would have too much bounce.

What is the best air pressure for a basketball?

I know from experience that the best air pressure for bouncing a basketball is as full as you can get it.

What is the inside pressure of a basketball?


What is the air pressure in a basketball?

air pressure is what give the ball its weight and its bounce

How do you measure air pressure in a basketball?

there is a special gauge that they should sell at sporting goods stores and measure ball pressure

What effect does air pressure have on the bounce of a basketball?

the more air pressure that better it bounces

How does the air pressure in a room differ from the air pressure in a basketball?

Air pressure in a room is less than that of a basketball since it does not crush the basketball. Think of the crushed can experiment. If you empty a soda can, flip it upside down, put it (carefully) on a boiling pot of water, the can will fill with hot air. You then transfer the can on a container with cold water (making sure the opening of the can is covered with the cold water). You should see the can implode or at least the outside air pressure (since it's greater than that of the air pressure in the can) crush the can. Opposite of the basketball.

What will happen to the air pressure in a basketball when it is let out?

it will go into the air

How does air pressure affect the number of basket bounces?

The more air pressure within a basketball, the more capable it is to bounce efficiently, rather than a basketball with little air pressure.

How large a room of air is packed into a basketball at 8psi?

The answer depends on the pressure when the air is let out of the basketball.

Average amount of air pressure in a basketball?


Why does pumping air into a basketball increase the pressure inside the ball?

Pressure is the ratio of mass per volume. Adding more air (mass) into the fixed volume of the ball increases the pressure inside it. A basketball cannot expand much even when the pressure inside is higher than the outside air.

What is the regular air pressure in basketball?

The pressure inside the stadium. WHAT DO YOU THINK!!!

Will a basketball blow up if you put helium in it?

That all depends how much helium you put in it. A basketball should be able to take the same amount of pressure, whether it's pressure from air or helium. So, if you inflate it only to the recommended pressure, it should be a problem. The same amount of pressure of helium will be less mass, so in the end the basketball will be lighter, as you would probably expect, by a very small amount.

How much air pressure is put into a basketball?

Usually for standard basketballs it's about 7-9 lbs.

What is the official air pressure in a basketball?

49psi 49psi