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Depends on the size.

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Q: How much air does a ping pong ball have in it?
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Is the gas inside a ping pong ball poisonous?

No ... the inside of a ping pong ball is filled with air. Click on the 'Inside of a Ping Pong Ball' link below to learn more.

Why ping pong ball rolls in air for longer time?

Because the friction force between a ping pong ball and air is very small.

What type of gas are in ping pong balls?

Their is no gas inside of a ping pong ball. It is filled with air.

Inside of a ping pong ball?

Mostly air.

Why is a golf ball denser then a ping pong ball even though both balls are about the same size?

A ping-pong ball surrounds air.

What is the world record of ping pong ball bounces in the world record of ping pong ball bounces in the air?

your mom! that's alot!

What gas is in a ping pong ball?

Just plain air.

Which ball rolls down a slope faster a ping pong ball or a tennis ball?

tennis ball because a ping pong ball has more air resistance. but in space its the same

Why will a ping pong ball hit the ground after a golf ball?

Air resistance.

Why is a golf ball heavier than a ping-pong ball even though the balls are the same size?

The interior of a ping-pong ball is filled with air, while the interior of a golf ball is made of solid material (rubbers) that are heavier (denser) than air. Thus wile about the same size a golf ball is much heavier than a ping-pong ball.

What would fall faster a feather or a ping pong ball?

With air resistance, the ping pong ball. Without air resistance (e.g., on the Moon), both fall at the same speed.

Why does a ping pong ball restore its shape?

Its air inside contracts

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