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Q: How much air does a monster truck tire hold?
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How big is a monster truck tire?

A monster truck tire is 66 inches tall.

How much does a Monster Truck tire weigh?

The usual monster truck tire weighs in around 800lbs to 900lbs. This doesn't give you the general weight of Monster truck tires, but its an interesting fact, Big Foot's # 5 has tires that weigh 2400lbs each. (A one off promotional truck)

How much does 1 monster truck tire?

1,000 dollars

How much does a grave digger monster truck tire weigh?


How much does the big foot monster truck tire weigh?

400 -500 pounds

How much does each tire on Grave Digger monster truck weigh?

1,000 ponds

How much does a monster truck tire cost?

cheap if you know somebody with a crop sprayer

How much does a huge monster truck wheel cost?

The tire cost $7,000, I'm not sure about the rim

How big is Monster truck tire size?

Some Monster Truck Tire facts: Tires: Manufactured by Goodyear and Firestone, monster truck tires must be 66 inches high and 43 inches wide. The average monster truck team will go through eight tires in one year. Tires are customized and hand cut to accommodate track conditions. Cutting one tire takes approximately 50 hours. Average cost: $2,600 each.

How big are monster truck wheels?

Monster truck tire/66x43x25/pulling/puller/racing/farm tires/atv tires/flotation

How much does a super-single truck tire weigh?

Michelin's tire weighs 203lbs

Where is the Scottish truck driver on Cryptids island?

To the right of the Loch at Loch Ness. Talk to him, click the left side tire, and then click and hold the valve stem on the tire.

Where is the valve stem on cryptids island?

It is on the side of the tire. Once you talk to the man with the truck, click the left side, then click and hold where the arrow shows, to let air out of the tire.

Why does a truck or a motor bus have much wider tire?

It is to decrease pressure.

How much does a 7 ton truck tire weigh?

weighs about 500 pounds with rim

What could have caused an over loaded truck tire to burst?

Well maybe the weight of whatever was in the truck or something. Or the truck couldn't carry to much weight.

How much air weight in a truck tire?

Depends on the truck in question. Listed in your owners manual and sometimes on the drivers door post.

How much weight can a g rated tire carry?

A 'G' rating on a light truck tire means only that is a 14 ply tire. The weight capacity is dependent on the air pressure you put into the tire..

Can a dog bite a truck tire?

A dog can bite a truck tire, however it can't perforate the tire, even a lion could not do that.

How do you tell if a truck tire is a virgin tire?

There is a seam in the tire

How much does an uninflated tire weigh that is 20 inches in diameter?

A 20 inch LT ( Light Truck ) tire could weigh 35 pounds. A Medium or heavy truck tire 75 pounds. A car tire 12 to 15 pounds depending on size, tread model and manufacturer.

Where is the spare tire located on a 1999 Dodge Dakota truck?

The spare tire is under the rear of the truck.

Why does the rear axles of a truck have twin tire configurations?

Not all of them do--there are "super single" tires available, which are twice as wide as regular truck tires--but dual wheels do two things for you. First, they hold more weight than singles, and that's always good. Also, if you blow a tire on a dual assembly, the one that's left will allow you to "limp" the truck to a repair shop instead of having to make an expensive call to a truck stop so they can install a new tire alongside the road.

How do you move the truck on Cryptids Island?

Talk to the driver who can't get under the bridge. Click the left side tire, then click and hold the valve stem (11 o'clock position on the tire) until the air gets out.

How much does a truck tire weigh?

A typical semi-truck trailer tire weighs approximately 100 pounds. I received a shipment of 20 tires with a total weight of 2,038 pounds. 2,038 / 20 = 101.9