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About 35 pumps I guess. Not positive.

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Q: How much air do's it take to fill a basketball?
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What do you fill a basketball with?

Regular air is perfectly acceptable. To fill it, get a bike pump with a small needle that will fit the small black hole on your basketball and pump air through the tube on the system, through the needle and into the basketball until it is inflated as much as you like. You can buy a bike pump/air pump at almost anywhere including walmart or walgreens.

It pops because of how much air there is in. The air takes over and makes the basketball rip. Too much air can cause a reaction to the basketball. Why does a basketball pop?

a basketball is kinda like a ballon if it has to much air it pops

If you have a 200 liter receiver how much presurised air would it take to fill?

Depending on the pressure of air

How much air does a basketball have in it?

A basketball need a lot of air because if it does not have any air how can it bounce.

How does the amount of air in a basketball affect how high it bounces?

Answer Yes. A basketball with no air will not bounce as much as a basketball with the right amount of air .

When should you fill up a basketball?

You should start pumping a basketball with air when it rebounds less than half the height where you dropped it from.

How much does a basketball weigh with and without air?

How much a basketball weighs depends on the size of the ball. A regular size 29.5 inch basketball weighs 22 ounces with air and without air.

How much air in a basketball?

37 pounds

How much rubber is in a basketball?

It just depends on how much air is in the basketball, how much it is stretched out and what size it is (large or small).

How much air pressure is in a regular basketball?


How much air pressure is in a 28.5 basketball?


Will a basketball freeze if left in a freezer?

No!The ball wil not get freez as it contains Air in it.. If u try fill air in the balloon and put into freezer......

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