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Q: How much aau basketball coach makes?
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Did Lisa Leslie play AAU?

yes Lisa did play in the AAU basketball club.She makes 102000 dollars in that match

Where are the tryouts for aau basketball?

There are many different AAU teams so they could be pretty much anywhere.

How much money does an AAU basketball official earn?

500000 a year

When did AAU Men's Basketball All-Americans end?

AAU Men's Basketball All-Americans ended in 1968.

When was AAU Men's Basketball All-Americans created?

AAU Men's Basketball All-Americans was created in 1921.

Has AAU basketball ruined the NBA?

no. if NBA and AAU are both here, then obviosly not. i play on an aau teem, and its all good.

Can a player be recruited by playing ymca basketball?

not likely. AAU is a much better route to take.

Is American Legion Baseball more competitive than AAU?

Yes, AAU is more basketball oriented

How many people from one school can you have for AAU boys basketball?

how ever many the coach wants to have because they usually choose the teams

Who is the top AAU basketball program in the US?


Who is the top aau basketball team in Hawaii?


What is the best AAU basketball team?

In terms of basketball? Some of the ones that pop in my head on the East Coast are DC Assault, Atlanta Celtics, Spiece Indy Heat, Boo Williams, and Team Melo. I don't know too much about west coast AAU Basketball.