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Depending on the track it will range from 8500 to just over 9000 RPM.

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Q: How much RPM does a Nascar race car generate?
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Why does the RPM suddenly increase in a VW?

The RPM normally increases as you push the race pedal in your VW. However, it is possible that the wire for RPM might be broken, causing it to suddenly increase without race.

Why dont NASCAR race cars have speedometers?

Indy cars do not have speedometer. Instead they measure speed by the Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) of the engine through the use of a tachometer. By using tire diameter, gear ratio's and engine RPM the true speed of the car can be calculated.

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How much RPM does the BMW M3 GT2?

9500 rpm redline

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Dont drive at 4000 rpm My truck, at highway speeds, only reaches to 3000 rpm...IF I take it out of overdrive, otherwise it runs around 1700 rpm. 4000 rpm is the MAXIMUM for race shifting (give or take).

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