How much Michael Jordan own Nike?

Updated: 1/26/2024
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Considering Nike is worth around $ 67B and $ 370M or so of Micheals $500M Net worth are from Jordan Brand. So, 370,000,000/67,000,000,000 = 0.00552% of Nikes' entire market cap and worth.

Michael Jordan owns about 6/1000s of Nike which is a giant chunk of Cash

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Q: How much Michael Jordan own Nike?
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Does Nike own Jordan?

The Jordan brand is a division of Nike. So technically Nike does own the brand Jordan, although they don't 'own' Michael.

Did Michael Jackson own nike brand?

No he did not wear nike socks!!!

Does Michael Jordan own any part of Nike Inc?


Do Jordan own Nike?

Nike owns Jordan.

How did Air Jordan get started?

Michael Jordan was signed by Nike before he entered the NBA as a highly prospected rookie. Nike offered to create a signature shoe for Michael Jordan named after him. This was the first signature basketball shoe for Nike and the most significant in the company's history. The first Air Jordan shoe was released in 1985.

Does nike own Jordan shoes?

Yes indeed

Does Michael Jordan own Nike?

I think he owns half because nike made a contract and nike makes the shoes

Does Michael Jordan own the Charlotte Bobcats and Jordan Brand?

Michael Jordan is a partial owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, which are in his home state of North Carolina. Before that he owned the Washington Wizards. He also has stake in the Jordan Brand, though the brand is officially owned by Nike.

Who was the first person to sign a contract with Nike?

Michael Jordan signed his first contract with NIKE in Manzanita, OR. He was in a meeting at a vacation rental house rented from SUNSET VACATION RENTALS.

What is Michael Jordan's Mission Statement?

dude look in your but hole and see if youll find it there cuz i didnt!

Does Michael Jordan own Levi's?

No... He does not own Levi's

What would you consider to be Nike's 'superb marketing skills'?

Nike's obvious ability to get top athletes of the generation to be their spokesperson is a great marketing skill. Take for example when Michael Jordan was for Nike. People loved MJ and wanted to be just like him. Kids wanted everything Nike because Jordan wore everything Nike. Also, by having big named athletes endorse Nike, the athletes are able to make their own shoes, clothing line, etc. making more money for Nike.