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He was bought by Liverpool for 20.5 million and is paid 142,000 a week

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Q: How much Fernando Torres is paid by Liverpool?
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How much money did Fernando Torres earn at Athletico Madrid?

Fernando Torres was a darling at Athletico and so they paid him well then 50,00 pounds t Liverpool he gets more.

How much does Fernando Torres get paid a week?

At chelsea he got paid around £100,000 a week

Who is the highest paid in chelsea?

Fernando Torres.

Who is the highest paid player in Liverpool?

According to a 2008 report, Steven Gerrard is Liverpool's best paid player, earning £6,000,000 a year ($9.6m US). Fernando Torres is second highest, with a reported wage of £5,500,000 ($8.9m).

Who is the highest paid soccer player in England?

It is Fernando Torres.

How much money does Fernando Arce get paid in a game?

6000 Evro

How much is Fernando alonso paid for 2011?

I think he will be paid 50million and that is if he doesn't win the championship if he dose win it who knows how much he would be paid.

How much do Liverpool players get paid yearly?

1 million pounds

How much did Liverpool pay for yossi benayoun?

According to Wikipedia, Liverpool paid 5M pounds for him in the summer 2007 transfer window.

How much does Fernando Torres get paid?

For winning the Euro cup he received 3 million pesos. That is because he scored the winning goal that made Spain defeat Germany. He was originally on the Madrid league team and was nominated the best on his team. He got offered a very high pay of 20, 000 a month to join the club of somewhere, but he denied it. Then Liverpool asked him if he wanted to join and he did. Im not sure how much he gets paid there but gets a little more around that price. My estimate is 35, 000 a month maybe a week......................I got all this info from websites I read about him.................I m a total Torres fan!!!!

What soccer players get paid the most?

Kaka, who makes 750,000 euros a month playing for AC Milan, tops the Futebol Finance roster. His fellow Brazilian Ronaldinho is second, earning 710,000 euros a month at Barcelona. Englishmen Frank Lampard and John Terry of Chelsea, and Spaniard Fernando Torres of Liverpool round out the top five.

How much does a us soldier get paid?

They don't really get paid because you are serving the people by William Torres from NYC school ms 137

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