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Q: How much David Beckham get paid a year?
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How much does David Beckham get paid a year?

he used to have a $250 million deal

How much does Beckham get paid a year?

Beckham is the top paid player in the world he get like $500,000,000 in a year.

How much does David Beckham get paid per hour?

I read he had signed a 5 year contract with L.A. Galaxy for $250 million.

How much money does david beckham earn a year?

Not alot

How much David Beckham earn?

he earns 5000000000000 a year

How much money does david beckham earn per year?

40 million a year

Salary of David beckham?

david beckham's salary is 24.7 million a year.

How much does David Beckham make a year without endorsements?

400682415644628 a year thanks for the qustion

Which athletes get paid more basketball or soccer players?

That depends on who you are talking about. Prime time great athletes in soccer, i.e. David Beckham, get paid $50 million a year. Most soccer players get paid less than that, though, much less. A good basketball player gets paid around $20 million a year.

Who are the highest paid soccer players 2007?

David Beckham just signed a 5 year $50 million a year deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS. He is the highest paid soccer player in the world.

How much is David Beckham earning?

too much for anyone to actually care about 4p a year

What year did david beckham get marrid?

David Beckham married Victoria (Posh Spice) on July 4, 1999

How much does David beckham earn from his sponsors each year?

he earns 150,000$ per month

How much is David Beckham's Adidas sponsorship worth?

six pound and a packet of mints...a year

How much salary does David Beckham get a year?

david bacom is a horrible man and ihe is the worst at football and avery one hates him

How much do MLS players get paid?

Anywhere from 25,000 to 1 million a year, unless your name is Beckham and then you get paid in the $50 million range.

How much is David Beckham's salary?

Right now, David Beckhames salary is about 250 million dollars a year, playing for LA Galaxy

Who are the highest paid soccer players 2008?

David Beckham, signed a ten year contract with Los Angeles for 500 million dollars. 50 million a year

How many years did David Beckham play for Real Madrid?

David Beckham played only one year at Real Madrid.

What year did David Beckham get famous?


What year was David Beckham born?


How much money do pro soccer players earn?

It depends on the who the person is, and how he ontributes to the team. Take david Beckham as an example, he is a great soccer player, and contributes alot to whichever team is on. That is why he is getting paid 250 million dollars a year :)

How much does David Beckham get?

David Beckham earns $90 for every second he is on the field. Which is half a million for every game he plays plus all the endorsements. Which means he makes more than 50 mill every year. and other site says: Beckham has a guaranteed $6.5-million salary a year in his 5-year LA Galaxy contract.

Who is the highest paid world association football player?

Real Madrid and England star David Beckham. He gets up to �30,000,000 per year from salary and endorsements.AnswerDavid Beckham is the highest paid soccer player. He switched teams last year from Manchester United to Real Madrid in a $41 million transfer. He earns $28 million dollars a year. well now david bekham doesnt play or either of those teams and messi is the highest paid soccer player in soccer right now at 64 million a year

How much money did david beckham make in la galaxy?

6.5 million dollars per year in LA Galaxy