How much Choctaw is Brett Favre?

Updated: 11/24/2022
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Q: How much Choctaw is Brett Favre?
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How much is the Brett Favre cards if Brett Favre dies?

five thousand dollars

Why is Brett favre so awesome?

brett favre is awesome because brett favre is awesome

What is the birth name of Brett Favre?

Brett Favre's birth name is Favre, Brett Lorenzo.

What is Brett Favre's middle name?

Brett Favre has explained that his family has long pronounced it "FARV." He said the pronunciation is a result of his family heritage, which blends Cajun with Choctaw Indian. According to James Favre, the name is French and should be pronounced "Fav-RAY". Source: In French, it would be "FAH-vruh" or "Fah-VRAY," depending on whether the ending "e" has an accent aigu.

How much does Brett Favre squat?


Who is betterjake plummer or Brett favre?

Brett Favre

Does Brett Favre Have A Yahoo?

Yes, Brett Favre has an email, but because he would get so much mail he keeps it unkown to everyone.

Is Brett Favre white?

Yes, Brett Favre is white.

What is Brett Favre's full name?

Brett Lorenzo Favre

What is Brett Favre's middle name?

Brett Favre's middle name is LorenzoHis birth name is Brett Lorenzo Favre.

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More than you

How much does Brett Favre weigh?

222 lbs