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Q: How molecules in the air cause air resistance in f1 cars travelling at high speed?
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Does air molecules speed up the movement of objects in motion?

Air molecules can create drag or resistance to the movement of objects in motion, potentially slowing them down rather than speeding them up. This resistance is known as air resistance, and is influenced by the density of air and the speed and shape of the object.

What does air resistance cause falling object to do?

it slows down their speed

What happens to the motion of molecules when they are heated?

What kind of radiation? Remember, Beta radiation is particles (electrons)and Alpha radiation is Helium nuclei.Some radiation will transfer energy to particles ... which may speed them up,it may heat them,it may cause fluorescence.

How do you use constant speed in sentence?

A lot of mathematical problems about travelling distances, assume that you are travelling at a constant speed.

What is the speed of smell?

Whatever speed the wind is travelling.

What causes a bullet To lose speed and fall to the ground?

Gravity and air resistance will both play a part. Air resistance is likely to reduce speed and gravity will cause the bullet to be pulled towards the ground.

Do air molecules speed up the movement of objects in motion?

Yes With a wind, yes; static air resistance, no.

Air resistance is created by?

Air resistance is created by the friction between an object moving through the air and the air molecules it encounters. This friction generates a force that opposes the motion of the object, causing it to slow down. The amount of air resistance depends on the speed and surface area of the object.

Air molecules speed up the movement of objects in motion?

Air molecules do not speed up the movement of objects in motion. Instead, the air molecules exerts a force known as air resistance or drag opposite to the direction of motion, which can slow down objects moving through air. This is known as aerodynamic drag.

What do air particles do to cause air resistance?

Air particles create resistance as an object moves through them by colliding with the object's surface. This collision causes a force that opposes the object's motion, resulting in air resistance. The higher the speed of the object, the more collisions occur, leading to increased air resistance.

When high speed molecules mix and collide with slower speed molecules the high speed molecules do what?

Slow down and the temperature drops.

How does the speed of molecules of gas change when heated?

The speed of the molecules speeds up when the gas is heated.