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Q: How might this affect the influence of those provinces on the US?
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What two Canadian provinces border Alaska How might this effect the influence of those provinces on the US?

There is actually one province and one territory that borders Alaska. Alberta is the province and it is the southern one. Yukon is the territory and is the northern one.

How might these facts beliefs or customs influence mythology of those people?

it influence them by their cultural and beliefs.

What is an example of sphere of influence?

An example of a sphere of influence is when a powerful country like the United States has significant political, economic, or cultural influence over smaller countries in its region, such as in Latin America. This influence can affect diplomatic relations, trade agreements, and even the internal policies of those countries.

How many provinces in Canada?

There are ten provinces in Canada. Those provinces are British Columbia, Alberta, Labrador, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.

How many provinces does Vietnam have?

Those change; see website: Vietnam

How many provinces have Vietnam?

Those change; see website: Vietnam

Do all electrical appliances affect the ozone layer?

No electrical appliances affect the ozone layer. Those that contain freon and leak might, but they don't do so directly.

What is the analogy affect is to effect as influence is to?

Well, since the analogy here seems to be only based on spelling, I would say the answer is AFFECT is to EFFECT as INFLUENCE is to AFFLUENCE or EFFLUENCE. It would be hard to make a strong case either way, but if we're working with real words (which is just an assumption), those seem like the closest matches. CONFLUENCE retains the N, and might be another option, but there aren't any really strong arguments in there with relation to word meanings.

Does the level of education influence saving habit in nigeria?

The level of education does indeed affect the saving habits in Nigeria. Those with higher levels of education tend to be better at saving compared to those with lower levels of education.

How did the king and queen influence shakespeare's writing?

Except to the extent that Shakespeare knew that he couldn't write anything which might criticize the monarch, since people who wrote those kinds of things went to jail, the king and queen had no influence on Shakespeare's writing.

What is the differences between those from manila and those from the provinces?

People from Manila tend to be more urbanized, exposed to diverse cultures and modern amenities, while those from the provinces are often more closely connected to traditional practices and values. Manila residents may have higher incomes and access to better education and job opportunities than those in the provinces, who may have a deeper connection to nature and simpler living. Societal norms, lifestyle choices, and dialects can also vary between the two groups.

How friends can affect students?

Friends can affects students in 2 ways: good and bad. They can be a good influence and can help the student with troubles and be there to support them. But they could be a bad influence. If the friend is into drugs and alchohol, those habits could rub off on the student. If just depends on that friend.