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So far the all blacks have won all their matches let's hope they win the Rugby wold cup

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โˆ™ 2011-10-18 03:58:42
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Q: How may times has NZ won the rugby world cup?
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How may times have the springboks won the rugby world cup?

they are the best so they win alot of times

How may times has the rugby world cup been in new zealand?

Twice - 1987 & 2011.

When was the first Rugby World Cup?

The first game was on 23 May, 1987.

How may times did German reach a FIFA World Cup Final?

7 times.

How many times have Spain wone the football world cup?

Spain have never won the world cup, but this may be their year.

Who won the rugby world cup in 1970?

No one won it as The Rugby World Cup was approved by 10 votes to 6. It would take place in Australia and New Zealand from the 22 May to the 20 June 1987. The Rugby World Cup officially started Previous Winners Of Rugby World Cup South Africa 15 - 6 England England 20 - 17 Australia Australia 35 - 12 France South Africa 15 - 12 New Zealand Australia 12 - 6 England New Zealand 29 - 9 France

How may times have Germany won the world cup?

Germany won thrice.

Who has made a bid for the 2023 Rugby World Cup?

France Ireland Italy South Africa The decision is made in May 2017 who will host

How many times did Mexico win the World Cup?

I dont believe that Mexico has ever actually won the world cup. I may be wrong but my search indicated that they have hosted the world cup but never won it.

Is there prize money for the winning team in the rugby world cup?

No, it is quite unlikely they will receive any money. The teams sponsors MAY pay a bonus to the players or team for winning but otherwise the honour of winning the World Cup is worth more then money.

When will Canada host a FIFA World Cup?

Canada may not host a world cup, as they have yet to qualify for a world cup.

Is there a world cup match on 26th May?


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