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The Red Bull Racing team has won the constructors championship. This was from 2010 to 2013.

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Q: How manytimes has the red bull racing team won the FIA formula one constructors championship?
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Who won the 2007 formula 1 racing championship?

Kimi Räikkönen (110 Points) won the 2007 Drivers Championship with McLaren*, while the Constructors championship was won by Ferrari (204 points). *McLaren was Disqualified from the 2007 Constructors Championship due to the espionage controversy.

How many times has the red bull racing team won the FIA formula one constructors world champioship?

Red Bull Racing (RBR) has won 4 constructors championship. Ths was 4 seasons in a row from 2010-2013.

Who won the 2010 f1 championship?

Sebastian vettel won the drivers championship and red bull racing won the constructors championship.

Who was Formula 1 World Champion in 1995?

Michael Schumacher won the Championship in 1995. He was racing for Benetton and finished 33 points ahead of second placed Damon Hill. Benetton won the Constructors Championship - they were 29 points ahead of Williams.

Who won the 1962 Formula One World Championship?

Graham Hill driving for Brabham Racing Organization (BRM) won the 1962 formula one drivers championship. He had a total of 42 points from 4 wins that season. Jim Clark finished in 2nd place with 30 points and 3 wins that season. BRM won the constructors championship as well.

Who won the formula one racing championship in 2009?

Jenson button

F Formula 1 motor Racing world championship in 1983?

Drivers Champion: Niki Lauda (Austria) McLaren Porsche 72 Drivers Runner Up: Alain Prost (France) McLaren Porsche 71.5 Constructors Champion: McLaren Porsche 143.5 Constructors Runner Up: Ferrar 57.5

Winner of the 2003 formula one car racing championship?

Schumacher, Michael.

What nationality was the 1962 formula one world drivers championship winner graham hill?

Norman Graham Hill (15 February 1929 - 29 November 1975) was a British racing driver and two-time Formula One World Champion. He was born in Hampstead, London. He was a citizen of the United Kingdom by nationality. He drove for a team called BRM - British Racing Motors. 1962 was the only year they won the world championship but that year they won both the drivers and constructors championship.

Which team won the 2003 formula one racing championship?

Ferrari with Micheal Schumacher.

How did Formula 1 come about?

Formula 1 came about when the world racing championship decided to make an official series in 1950. The first championship consisted of 7 races, the championship won by Nino Farina.hahahahahahaha

Which team won the 2010 formula one car racing championship?

Red bull won.

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