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It depends on the type of target. There are more than a few types of targets in the world of Archery, and each type of target has its own system of scoring zones depending on how the target is used. Here are some I have had the pleasure to use:

The FITA target, used for the Olympic Archery competitions, has 10 scoring zones, while the target used for the "Imperial Round" in the UK (England) has 5 scoring zones. The FITA and the "Imperial Round" target faces are basically the same, regarding the color division.

The Society for Creative Anachronisms, Inc. (a not-for-profit research/educational group dedicated to studying and re-enacting life during the Middle Ages) uses the 5-zone scoring system, but also uses a target which was commonly used during the Middle Ages. This target has only 3 scoring zones - and the center "bulls-eye" is extremely small, compared to the FITA target.

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Q: How many zones does an archery target have?
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